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JSC “Erecton” is the leading supplier of the new century pharmaceutical packaging in Russia

New century means a new quality, it’s conformity to the highest international standards, it’s the most recent high precision technologies, and landmark decisions. Since the very beginning of its work – almost 20 years ago – “Erecton” Company has declared its philosophy – do all the best in order to make real the world’s leading manufactures’ achievements of pharmaceutical primary packaging for Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Nowadays “Erecton” is representative of foreign pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers on the Russian market that have impeccable reputation and affirm the availability of the quality assurance system for their production by the Certificate GMP – ISO 15378:2011.

Therefore, JSC “Erecton” is the exclusive distributor of:

Also, JSC “Erecton” is the official distributor of:

JSC “Erecton” is a partner of such world manufactures of primary packaging for pharm industry as “STOLZLE GROUP” (Austria / Czech Republic, Poland), “Elm-Plastic” (Germany) and a number of some other well-known firms.

“Erecton” Company is engaged in active promotion of high quality package on the Russian pharmaceutical market. JSC “Erecton” - is an active participant of international “Pharmtech” exhibitions and others as evidenced by the numerous diplomas and certificates that decorate the company’s office walls.

The head of the group of “Erecton” companies is Mrs. Gurariy Lubov Lazarevna – the organizer and ideological inspirer of the specialized forum “Pharm Packaging – New Century”, which has been arranged as a part of International exhibition “Pharmtech” which has a true success among audience and participants.

It’s already been two years in September when “Erecton” company arranges the International Pharma Days for wide range of local experts in pharma industry. The forum was arranged in the year 2012 and devoted to the one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing of pharmaglass packaging of the latest generation (prefilled syringes, cartridges, vials ready-to-use, and etc.) – “STEVANATO GROUP” (later companies’ group name “OMPI”). In 2013 the forum was focused on “Pharm production – the new century” and in the Pharma Day’s program there took place lectures of the global corporations’ representatives: “Datwyler Pharma Packaging Belgium NV”, “Stevanato Group”, “Fedegari Group”, and also Executive officer of AIPM. There are about one hundred of specialists of Russian pharma industry participated in the Pharma Day which approves the relevance of the forum.

Having highly qualified and experienced staff, JSC “Erecton” takes responsibility for carrying out the external audit of the primary pharm packaging suppliers by acting on the one side as a Customer of the indicated goods and as an Authorized representative on the other side.

The Company also provides registration of all kinds of packaging production of these manufactures at Federal agencies of executive authority and certification of this production in the Russian State Standard system.

By working with world leaders in production of package and carriers of the most advanced technologies in packaging industry the “Erecton” firm offers to the Russian market aseptic and sterile packaging for manufacturing the sterile pharmaceuticals.  Also package specially designed upon customer’s drawings or samples can be supplied. Moreover, the “Erecton” company has an opportunity to provide sterilization of the supplied pharmaceutical packaging if needed.

The permanent exposition is organized in the company’s office. Here you can not only take a look at the packaging samples of the new century, see the catalogs, booklets and other advertising materials but also get a knowledgeable assistance in the form of consultations referred to the usage and features of any given primary pharm packaging.

JSC “Erecton” has a class A warehouse complex with the overall floor space of 1000 square metres, with climate control conditions (temperature and humidity) of products storage, and compliance with a number of GMP standards, implementing the warehousing logistics scheme of material and information flows. The availability of this warehouse complex as well as strong partnership with the number of leading freight forwarding firms allows “Erecton” company reach the best logistics decisions, including proper customs goods clearance.

Thereby, the “Erecton” firm is ready to take upon the problem-solving of local pharmaceutical manufactures, concerned with package starting from the search and screening of the optimal kind of packaging and closures, using samples and catalogs, finishing with the goods delivery at the lowest price in the shortest possible time.  

Attentive, qualified, and active staff of “Erecton” company puts into practice the proposed slogan forwarded to its partners “We will do our the best to make our cooperation mutually beneficial”.